All Products are handcrafTed with natural ingredients

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wickless Scented Candles

All candles are made with soy or coconut wax. Each candle is scented with natural fragrance oil.

Wax melts, reed diffusers & more...

All wax melts are made with soy or coconut wax. Each melt is scented with natural fragrance oil. Each reed diffuser & sprays are made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic.



Lotus of Love products are handcrafted in Georgia with 100% pure soy or coconut wax.  Our products are earth-friendly, vegan-friendly and biodegradable so you can be sure that there won’t ever be petroleum or paraffin wax byproducts that are harmful to our environment. Our mission is to bring light and love to those in need of self-care, peace, and healing. Our handcrafted products will provide the essential therapeutic atmosphere for you to unwind. Wickless candles are the new wave. They are safer than traditional candles, especially for people with children and pets. Wickless candles are a great investment for your office and home because they last longer than wicked candles and can burn for months.


They say that scent is one of the strongest sense tied to memory, so why not recreate or create several memories with Lotus of love scents? There are scents available that remind you of a certain holiday, special occasions, personal or past experiences. Get your wickless candle warmer and a few scented melts today and see just how great your area can smell while keeping it safer and cleaner than with wicked candles. Order yours today and see what all the fuss is about!

Wickless Candles gives off a delightful scent without heat or the necessity of a burning flame. It is excellent for a baby’s room, bathroom, closet, college dormitory, office, or any place where a burning candle is desired, but not allowed.  Wickless Candles are not intended for use in vehicles. Our wickless candles are available in our 5 and 8-ounce tin cans. Our candles will go with any decor and are melted and scented from the bottom of the tin can. It lasts 6 weeks or longer. Wax melt is the greatest.  Just place 1-2 cubes of the scented wax melt, in the top of your wax warmer, and in just a few minutes the tea candle will melt the wax melt, and you will have a magnificent aroma in your home. Our wax warmers are perfect for almost any room in your home. 

Lotus of Love is not responsible for misuse or neglect of the use of any products that may cause any allergen reaction, fire, and any other harm to personal property, bodily harm, or ingestion. Therefore, when you purchase any products from Lotus of Love, you purchase at your own risk.  

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